Production Sound Mixer

David Lascelles

I am a freelance production sound mixer with 28 years of experience. I started working on documentaries in 1990 and moved into film and TV drama in 2002.

2017 was a very busy year for me. Starting with series 4 of Black Mirror I travelled to Iceland to film the episode ‘Crocodile’. I came back to the UK and immediately started work on ‘Patrick’ a British feature film produced by Fred Films and directed by Mandie Fletcher. The rest of the year was taken up with a Sister Pictures production called ‘The Split’ A BBC TV drama starring Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan. This 6 part series was directed by Jessica Hobbs and produced by Lucy Dyke.

I have a complete drama sound kit and an experienced sound team available.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss an upcoming project.



Dir: Mandie Fletcher
Prod: Vanessa Davies, Paul De Vos

Crooked House

Dir: Gilles Paquet-Brenner
Prod: James Spring, Joseph Abrams


Dir: Hideo Nikata
Prod: Laura Hastings-Smith, Alison

Lives of the Saints

Dir: Rankin, Chris Cottam
Prod: Laura Hastings-Smith

Dailies and additional Photography

The Kid Who Would be King

Dir: Paul Jennings
Producer: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner

The Nutcracker

Dir: Joe Johnston
Producer: Mark Gordon, Sara Smith

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Dir: Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Prod: Kathleen Kennedy, Alli Shearmur

Kingsman 2

Dir: Matthew Vaughn
Prod: David Read, Adam Bohling

King Arthur

Dir: Guy Ritchie
Prod: Steve Clarke-Hall, Joby Harold

Fantastic Beasts

Dir: David Yates
Prod: J K Rowling, David Hayman

Selection of Television Drama

The Split
Sister Pictures BBC 2017

Dir: Jessica Hobbs
Prod: Lucy Dyke, Jane Featherstone

Black Mirror 4 - Crocodile
Netflix 2017

Dir: John Hillcoat
Prod: Senna Wohlenberg, Annabel Jones

Black Mirror 3 - Men Against Fire
Netflix 2016

Dir: Jakob Vurbruggen
Prod: Lucy Dyke, Annabel Jones

Dark Angel
World ITV

Dir: Brian Percival
Prod: Kirstie MacDonald, Jake Lushington

Downton Abbey 5 & 6
Carnival ITV 2014/15

Dir: Minkie Spiro, Phil John, Michael Engler
Prod: Liz Trubridge, Chris Croucher

Endeavour 1 & 2
Mammoth ITV 2012-14

Dir: Colm McCarthy, Ed Bazalgette
Prod: Dan McCulloch, Michele Buck

Tommy Cooper
Left Bank ITV 2013

Dir: Ben Caron
Prod: Lucy Dyke

The Bletchley Circle
World ITV 2012

Dir: Andy De Emmony
Prod: Jake Lushington

Rev Series 2
Big Talk BBC 2011

Dir: Peter Cattaneo
Prod: Hannah Prescod, James Wood

Travers ITV 2010

Dir: Colm McCarthy
Prod: Eve Gutierrez, Jill Green

Greenlit TV

Dir: Matt Lipsey
Prod: Eve Gutierrez, Jill Green

Foyles War
Greenit ITV 2009

Dir: David Richards, Stuart Orme
Prod: Lars McFarlane

BBC 2006

Dir: Andy De Emmony
Prod: Ben Evans

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Emmy Best Sound Downton Abbey 2015 Nomination
Emmy Best Sound Downton Abbey 2016 Nomination
Member of The Association of Motion Picture Sound